c.1988 Within Without

Within Without

Within Without: (These pieces were completed in 6 months in 1988). The steel rods prominent in each piece replicate surgical steel rods which were implanted in Charle’s partner as the result of a motorcyle/car crash at that exact time. Within Without varies the artist’s approach to the “frame” by addressing his socio/art relationship. Let us say we are dealing with what is “outside” the studio, but well “within” the artist’s heart. These pieces, oddly mirroring what are known as the “stations of the cross”, come from a profound sense of loss. They are the result of optimistic upheaval, and systemic shock. Funny isn’t it that kitsch on the order of Bob Ross, merged with tragedy, can be inspirational, albeit fleeting? While the artworld in the 1980’s produced worthwhile appearances of power-center reconfiguration, it also suffered sloppy and easy, excess and glibness, disease and death. These artworks were created during 6 months of daily/nightly visits to St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC. The artist asks whether what is “within” the frame has any import compared to the frame itself. When money is flowing, people are dying, AIDS is epidemic, the SoHo dumpsters are full of valuables, the stock market is flush, and your loved ones are dying, what matter is committment? How is Art defined in a crippled world? Define “without”.