c.1978/82 Wedges and Diamonds

Wedges and Diamonds

Wedges and Diamonds is a series of works begun in 1978 in TriBeCa, NYC. It is a continuing focus of the artist. An effort has been made to create a chronological presentation on this page. (note the linkage from the Grids and Blackbirds page). The Diamond title derives simply from the 2D diamond shape in presentation. The Wedge title derives from the “tapered” picture plane employed in some canvases. In ALL cases, the point-to-point (+) axis of the Diamond dictates the hanging position of the artwork. Effectively relocating the “center” of the artwork, setting up conflict with the wall and our viewing expectations. The safety of the grid gives way to eccentricity, and the artist’s restlessness.

The perimeter was breached and paint application was open. (Pieces here are on paper).

Below we return to canvases

Re-purposed Maskings

Media Shifts: Graphite and charcoal powder

Re-Visited CA Garage circa 2009/2014 on wood panels followed by paper