c.2013 Pupillary Distance

Pupillary Distance

Pupillary Distance c.2013. (These works developed as part of the CA Garage Paintings). Here is a proposition of a way to broaden the context of self-portraits. To make them more “real”. What is one authentic representation of an individual? The artist determined the answer to be when a viewer can’t look away. Feeling as if you are being looked back at. An icon that maintains eye contact. The pre-historic brain knows the range of pupillary distances that identify humans. Charles is examining the extent to which the presence of a sitter remains intact. Why does the placement of 2 grommets seem to parallel a look in the mirror? These paintings secure the presence of the artist. There is no need for restrictive emotional/romantic “moods”. Here is the unblinking returned gaze. In work from the 1970’s/80’s the artist made the axis of a diamond dictate the hanging position of his artworks. Now we have the head-on pupillary distace of the artist as its “anchor”. Several pieces point out again Charles’ embrace of the frame as an eternal challenge..