c.1991/93 Notebox


Notebox: In the early 1990’s the neighborhood at Broadway & Spring Street, pulsed with package deliveries. The artist had his own packing style. He realized that all packages on earth are holding ordinary to profound thoughts of their creators. What the packagers were thinking while packing. The human mind in transit. Graffiti in motion, universal story parts, thought, packaged and repackaged. Hypertext.

(Below are 2 transition pieces linking FictFact and Notebox).

Transition Piece Number 1-  It Is Not For Me To Determine... 1991, wood, glass, ink, graphite, paint, etc. Artist's Collection. Carved and painted text: "It is not for me to determine these memories true or even my own. Anxiety proves the claim. Why would anyone repeatedly go through this dislocation."

Transition Piece Number 2-  Always Remember... 1990, wood, string, pen, cans, plastic wrap, paint, etc Artist's Collection