c.2005/2008 Life-Death-Silver-Gold-Caviar


Life-Death-Silver-Gold-Caviar: (This work expands on Friends In The Desert) Pollution and the aspects of beauty and rebirth. Imagine tidelines, exposure to natural elements, water, wind/sun direction, and nature's genius to recreate. There is no question, the universe is overrun with pollution. Yet, nature is spectacular in its relentless adaptability. Nature not caring what template it follows other than survival. Nature is art and the creative spirit. Will our planet ever be uninhabitable or just without life as we know it now?  “This is my trash. Where is yours?”  Artists squeeze a tube of pigment, petroleum, synthetic. We use it to make art, "paint" it across anything, and convert it to debris.  DeKooning, Brancusi, Reinhardt, Chamberlain, Hess, Serra, Shields... materials. Soul equals the artist’s relationship to the materials. If a bird flies by and dumps a seed, perhaps a new forest sprouts. If fertilized fish eggs snag on a bottle cap, perhaps Yellow Fin hatch. This work began in the Nevada desert, near nuclear test sites, mineral mines, and decaying consumer trash from the Vegas Strip. (See earlier works on the Friends In The Desert page). Consider this dream: It rains on the body of a homeless man in front of my loft in TriBeCa. Insects live on him. The rain stops. A scrap of newspaper blows in and sticks to  his face.  Windward, sunup or sundown?  I dream it was gold leaf. Nature has formed a paper mache sculpture.  A favela near a resort in Brazil may have a larger population than a town in the USA. Yet, no government cleanup services. There is consumption and waste. The people create, dream and reconfigure in spite of the odds.  Maybe you yourself moved to a better climate. What was it you left behind assuming it would be cleaned up for you? You will see multiple views of each piece as you Click through.