c.1972/1975 Grids and Blackbirds

Grids and Blackbirds

 Grids and Blackbirds began as a series in SoHo, NYC sometime around 1971/1972. They are best described as process-directed. As the canvas is simply a frame draped with fabric, so a painting is a layer of adhesive colored matter adhering to that fabric. Ink, shellac, and alcohol are a viscous medium on raw canvas. Wood sticks are the vehicle to carry the paint. The paintings are done flat on the floor. The medium is repeatedly carried by stick from a container to subdivide the “frame” until there is overload. The narrative of the process is apparent. The tracking process relocates the canvas center. Canvases are approx. 40” x 70”. The works on paper range up to 30” x 22”. In a few cases the ink “web” is cut out.