c.1989/94 Fict Fact

Fict Fact

Fict Fact: 1989-1994 Chinatown/SoHo NYC. Each of the artworks below is a 3D narrative. Artists and writers seek to determine if pictures illustrate texts, or is it the other way round. Each FictFact piece is the result of a true event in the artist’s life, altered perhaps through the act of creation. (reprinted text)

#1- Tattoo: 1991, hand made/painted wood box, gouache, shirt, ink drawings on labels from Dirty Ink series, thread, hand carved cherrywood chopsticks, wire, suit hanger, frame, etc. Typed text in collar: "He's younger than me, a famous painter. He'll never be as famous as Sinatra. She's probably still his wife. It was the third day and the two of us had not yet left the room. Perhaps it was a lack of imagination. She lay on her stomach while I mounted her from behind and we fucked while she read to me from a handful of papers she said was her autobiography." 

#2- Toenail: 1992, cardboard and wood boxes, ink, gouache drawings, glass, paint, handcarved animal, paper ladder, wire, pins, large rusty nail, etc. Private Collection  Text on hang tag:In Galveston I played a game of chess with a Bangladeshi motel manager. We talked about disciplining pets while his wife bathed their dog. As a boy he trained elephants by stomping on the tender part of the animal's toenail.”

#3- Button 1991, hand-painted wood boxes, glass, leather-covered button, child's white "church" glove, news clippings, evidence bag, etc. Private Collection  (text in evidence bag is unavailable.) Text in box: "Each year, as another winter ends, they stop staring at the beautiful button on my overcoat”.

#4- Port Manteau 1991, wood case w/acrylic face, petrified tree branch, brass screws, stuffed animal wrapped in newspaper and twine, waterways map, hand carved wooden waves, photo of arctic ice flow, etc. Private Collection  Text on back of photo: "Ours was the second they pulled from the river that year. I never thought about starting again. Where I am conflicts with the things that got me here." 

#5- Burn 1989, wood, twine, paint, fire, paper, brass, etc. Artist's Collection  Text in the box: "I wait each night for this dream to arrive again. It is of a house on the terraced ascent above a highway. There are Spanish style stucco and ceramic arches surrounding a slate floored patio. It is night and cool and damp. The sky is obscured by a vast web of knotted vines. My skin is burned by the flash of stars that peek through the web. I know the people in all the other rooms who come and go as at a party. The fountain replays a melody as I stand in the damp darkness of the patio, and no one ever stops or talks to me."

#6- Country Life 1992, wood box, handmade wood “toon” house, fire, brass, glass, tree branches, ink, jigsaw puzzle, plastic flowers. paper, gouache, thread, etc. Private Collection Text in the tree: "They told me I'd be better off living there with the others. One of them always tried to mask the smell of landscape since it offered no salvation. We collected the hearts of dead birds. I ate my first one the morning before she died." 

#7- Hearing Aid 1992, box, glass, plastic model billboard, pencil drawings from Drawn Not Cropped, shelf, string, etc. Lost  Typed text in the "billboard": "Can you hear okay?" I said, "sometimes you don't seem to be listening." She said “Hear?, what the cars or the screams"  

#8- (lost)- The Diary Of Mrs. Chin, 1992, drawing on cardboard, needles, gold thread. etc. Chinese characters translation: Not One Of The Tailors Could Fashion A Coat That Would Hide The Monkey’s Tail”.